A permanent solution against high energy bills.  

The transparent INFLECTOR Window insulation and heat shield offers an answer in every season, and is detachable and reversible.

It keeps the heat in the building during the winter, and keeps the heat outside the building during the summer.

Advantages during winter

During the winter your INFLECTOR window insulation is positioned so that the aluminum side is directed towards the inside of your house, so that the heat does not go to the cold windows, but is reflected back inwards.
For windows located on the solar side, the black material, carbon, acts as a passive solar collector, which absorbs the sun’s rays. The material is heated in this way, so that less heat can flow from your home to the cold glass. So you have to heat less and so you consume much less energy in your home.
As an example: 1 m2 of window that is in direct sunlight in winter can produce a heat corresponding to a direct electrical heating of up to 400 W. This saves you extra costs.

Advantages during summer

During the summer, your INFLECTOR window insulation is placed so that the aluminum is directed towards the outside of your home or office, so that the heat can penetrate as little as possible into your home or office.

Reflection through the glass back to the outside:

  • An ideal solution against the “greenhouse effect” in buildings.
  • Color fading within your home is almost a thing of the past.
  • No more annoying faults on your computer or television screen.
  • No unwanted looks from outside (private, offices, clinic, police building…).
  • Finally you can also look outside from your apartment at the sea, even though the sun is on your window: no ugly shutters down for coolness.
  • Your air conditioning is used less, therefore less energy consumption, and also lower maintenance costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • You can always look through it
  • Stops the harmful UV rays
  • Maintains and stabilizes the room temperature.

… even the best-performing E-glass can not compete with the performance of INFLECTOR.

The Inflector benefits

  • saves 50% on energy costs
  • provides 4 LEED EPB points (international)
  • makes an unbearable working or living environment bearable
  • reduces CO2 emissions
  • at least 25 years of service life
  • payback time one and a half years (depending on the building envelope of your home or building)
  • significantly reduces the maintenance and consumption costs of your air conditioning
  • saves energy during the winter by keeping the heat inside

When you combine Inflector with radiant heat as a heat source in your home, via infrared heating panels, you immediately have the «most energy-efficient heating concept» in house.