What is Inflector?

Inflector is not a window film (so it will not be glued to the windows !!).  

Inflector was designed to serve as a solar filter, to achieve a stable indoor room temperature, where the natural daylight still reaches the interior space, while the heat from the sun and the harmful UV radiation are reflected back outwards through the window.

This creates a more comfortable atmosphere and this with lower energy bills.

The windows are the weakest element in terms of energy efficiency in a home or a building.

Inflector offers an extremely energy efficient solution during summer and winter, which means that the payback time is very short. In short, the best investment that can be considered for the future.

Inflector facts

The Inflector material works on 2 properties: reflection and emissivity. Aluminum was chosen for 2 reasons

  • to reflect the solar heat gain back through the window
  • the emissivity of aluminum is particularly low between 0.03 and 0.05. This means that only 3% to 5% of the radiant heat is radiated by the aluminum.