Infrared heating vs. central heating

Below we give you a list of the most important differences between classic central heating and infrared heating.

  • Traditional central heating always needs a chimney. This demands a yearly required maintenance, otherwise you are not in compliance with your  fire safety insurance for your home or office, which also cost you an extra amount of money yearly; none of all of this with infrared heating panels: no maintenance whatsoever.
  • The initial purchase price for a central heating system is extremely high because of all the components involved: burner unit, ignition mechanism, tubes all over, radiators, fuel tank in case of oil heating and expensive installation labor. In many cases the fuel tank has to be placed in a collection tub. The tank itself has to be inspected every year again for leakage. Purchasing and installing a Nord Rhein Energy infrared heating system is a lot cheaper.
  • Whenever a central heating system fails to function, then not only your house or office is no longer heated, but an intervention of expensive and qualified technicians will be needed and this at very high cost. With our infrared heating panels, every room is controled and climate regulated separately; in case of a malfunctioning of a panel ( which is realy rare ), you still will be able to heat the other rooms. An eventual intervention can be done afterwards by every electrician. Imagin a central heating fall out in an hospital or nursery or senior home: this  would be a catastrophy. Backup heating systems could be a solution there but would be  extremely expensive. None of all this is necessary using infrared radiant heating panels.
  • Since not every room in a house or appartement or in offices has to be heated in the same way,  it makes it obvious that a temperature control per room is the only energy efficienty and thus economic heating solution possible, and so infrared heating is the way to fulfill that requirement.
  • Every central heating system takes a lot of space in your house or building. One entire room has to be dedicated for that purpose; but every square meter in your house is a very expensive one!  Using infrared heating panels, when you renovate your home, saves you a lot of space which then you could arrange otherwise and for other purposes.
  • Every traditional central heating systems uses water. The risk for calcification remaining in the tubes is very real. This means that the flow through of the warm water in these tubes in time will decrease and so this results in lots of heat losses, and so efficiency losses over the following years. With Nord Rhein Energy infrared heating panels ( FIR )  there is absolute no water involved;  our panels do not degenerate over the years, they perform always at the highest and most efficient possible level, with a very long life time expectation.