What are infrared heating panels?

The NRE infrared heating panels consist of tempered, hardened glass as a heat source, surrounded by a framework of aluminum profiles, or without a frame, depending on your preferences, the application area and the necessity.

The panels can be connected to the electricity cables providing 230Volt.

When you produce your own electricity by means of a solar panel installation, then you can be completely independant from the energy suppliers to heat your home or appartment or offices for free.

We provide different type of panels and Wattages, according to the needs and applications.

Our standard NRE – panels  have a smooth  glass surface front in white or black.

The panels with frames can be chosen in any of the RAL colors.

Mirror panels, as used often in bathrooms, and picture panels can also be delivered, this to become a  perfect harmonization between the heaters and your interior.

Temperature control with precise digital wireless thermostats

One thermostat can control multiple heating panels, even with different power levels. A unique code is used between thermostats and receivers to communicate.

We also offer the possibility to manage the temperature control by Wifi and smartphone app; super interesting for steering your heaters from  a remote location.

On the thermostat, programmable or non programmable, time and temperature are displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Nice design and highly accurate, with a blue backlight when buttons are pushed.

Easy temperature programming according your lifestyle and habits.

It is also obvious that window contacts, presence detection, etc. can be integrated in the electrical schematic to steer the heating panels.

Residential & commercial  heating systems

Electrical heating by FIR far infrared heating from NRE is easy to install with a special designed fixing system. Thanks to the combination with our wireless and precise power modulating ( PWM ) our heating system is extremely energy efficient and so econimic.

Our heating panels can be applied in private houses, senior homes, nurseries, green houses, appartments, offices and commercial buildings, but also in Hot Yoga studios and  spa- and wellness centers, because of the high power and so high temperature capacity.

Performance, Objectives, Design and Development

Our NRE infrared heating panels are developped and manufactured for the full 100% in Europe, whereby the focus is on energy efficiency but with a maximal warmth comfort.

The NRE heating panels are in full compliance with the necessary certifications like CE and  ISO 9001, and fulfill every obligation in terms of safety and reliability.

Installing the heaters at the right spot can result in major energy savings compared to the wellknown traditional heating systems.

Maintenance free, no smelling, no burning of oxygen because of the non presence of fossile fuels  and so no carbon footprint…


By preference to install at ceiling or high at a wall, so that the most optimal performance can be guaranteed, or simply replace a tile by a heater in a system ceiling.

Temperatures can be pre-programmed at specific times for a specific room, such as the living room, TV corner, kitchen or bathroom, or others.

LED dimmable lights can also be connected on the NRE panels without extra wiring.

These appliances are completely fire safe, which is highly appreciated in apartments and office buildings.

Extensive options are available so that the panels can be fitted in every interior.